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Fiorucci Italian specialty meats, now also made in the United States using the family’s treasured recipes, are still hand trimmed, seasoned with the finest spices, and carefully aged. Thanks to the high criteria for ingredients and curing processes, Fiorucci has expanded its line to include select Spanish cured meat favorites, including famed Serrano hams and more.

As Innocenzo Fiorucci established in the 1800’s, if the label says Fiorucci, quality is paramount and the proof is in the tasting! Whether Paninos, All Natural, Classic Fiorucci, there are many ways to get to “mmmmmm!”

What makes Fiorucci meats authentic? Many of our recipes have been passed down through three generations. We have combined old world artisanship with modern practices to ensure delicious, wholesome products for your family’s enjoyment. The expertise, recipes, and even some of the spices are all imported from Italy. Our company is led by our founder’s grandson and everyone involved takes great pride in evaluating the quality and taste of our Italian specialty meats and balsamic vinegar.
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