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Since 2013, «Talgrig» LLC has been the official distributor of «Giulio Pagani», the world-famous Italian company «Pasta Zara» brand. «Giulio Pagani» is made of durum wheat and classified to the list of premium class pasta.

The exclusiveness of «Giulio Pagani» lies in the fact that some types of this pasta contain egg supplement. And the colored pasta are of only natural-based coatings: the green one from spinach, and the red one from tomato. The brand is represented with more than 50 types. It is designed for preparing both salads and hot dishes.

The company “Talgrig” was founded on September 9, 1999. In the initial stage the company had focused on the production of pasta and has achieved great success. Today the products of the company “Talgrig” have a big demand among consumers due to both high quality and competitive price. During the last three years the company participated in the competition of “The Best Trade Mark of the Year” the company was recognized winner for its “Pasta Imperia” trade mark. Currently “Talgrig” is engaged in the sale and the production of wheat and flour, the production of confectionery and pastry.

Since August 2009 the company began production of lavash, which is a novelty in the Armenian market, both by the technology (the dough is made without yeast), and the organization of production (new equipment, cutting and packing in a special hygienic form). Now the company “Talgrig” is a major importer of wheat. The company “Talgrig” is the exclusive representative of the LLC “UKRTECHNOFOODS”, as well as the “Giulio Pagani” brand of Italian company “Pasta Zara” exclusive distributor in Armenia. LLC “UKRTECHNOFOODS” manufactures Euro standard, high-technology food production lines that can be supplied by the company “Talgrig”.