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Founded in 1967, Alibert represents one of the leading companies on a national and international level, in the manufacturing and distribution of fresh filled pasta. It has been successfully operating for more than forty five years in the sector, where it has distinguished itself in its continual search for new tastes and flavours to satisfy the requirements of the public that loves eating well.

This has been accomplished by combining a great passion for cooking and a constant search for goodness, with the close attention that has been paid to developments in manufacturing technologies, distribution channels and consumer trends. The manufacturing plant and the Company's head offices are located in Preganziol, close to the city of Treviso. The plant extends over an area of 12,500 square metres, enabling Alibert to produce, package and distribute over 35 tons of products a day.

The Company has been able to extend its operations thanks to the goodness of its products and dedication of a committed staff component. It currently supplies the main distribution groups in over 35 countries. This success has been achieved by both the Alibert product range and private label division, based on the design and supply of customised ranges and the creation of ad hoc recipes. With Alibert's experience consolidated over more than 40 years, the Company knows that its development is based on its ability to skilfully interpret the compelling combination between the typical flavours of the best recipes, and the flavour of the outstanding ingredients drawn from Italy's regions and traditions.