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Colussi is a major brand in the best traditions of Italian food, a symbol of expertise and excellence. It’s the story of a talent for making good things that dates back to 1911 and that gradually evolved and innovated in new, modern products designed to satisfy the more complex needs of today's consumers.

It's the authentic, wholesome flavour of Gran Turchese, the distinctive shortcrust biscuit that has been a breakfast favourite for generations of Italians and of Baicoli, the famous thin biscuits traditional of Venice. It's the innate simplicity of many other good things that make up Colussi's modern product range: biscuits, snacks, breads and rusks.

We select the best raw materials with the same care that places a mother for her child.

The power of tradition and gaze into the future change the rules and create a new taste, even better thanks to the ingredients used.

A delicacy made of simple ingredients: The passion that has lasted for over a century with innovation and love for taste.

For this reason we chose to eliminate palm oil from all of our products, replacing it with sunflower oil from the world of biscuits up to panificati, and to respect the environment by using recyclable paper wrappers 100%.

From the choice of ingredients, the search for perfect taste and a pinch of invention come the new shortbread...

Irresistible goodness to enjoy the sweetest of awakenings!

An intense flavor that wins at first bite and everyone agrees, thanks to the variety of tastes.
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